About Us

Corporate Governance

Whitefish Lake #128 owns 100% of Goodfish Lake Business Corporation. The Board of Directors is appointed by the Shareholders of Goodfish Lake Business Corporation.

The Board of Directors is comprised of three Appointees from the Nation, three non-Nation Appointees, and one Independent Chair. The Board of Directors protects stakeholder value while delegating and providing competent, independent, and ethical guidance to the Goodfish Lake Business Corporation Executive Team in their attainment of the strategic goals and objectives.

Goodfish Lake Business Corporation’s executive team, under the leadership of the Chief Executive Officer, has the authority and responsibility for planning, executing, and controlling the activities of the company while providing the highest of business standards, solid financial practice, and sufficient capital to ensure confidence in maintaining financial stability in the company.

Goodfish Lake Business Corporation’s mandate is to ensure the safety and stable shareholder equity and distribution of dividends to the community.

Goodfish Lake Business Corporation has successfully provided industrial garment manufacturing, industrial garment dry cleaning, and industrial laundry services to the  oil and gas industry for over forty-six years.

Our Mission

“Living the vision set by Chief Sam Bull and Council in 1977 to build a strong economic foundation that creates prosperity, employment for aboriginal people and protects the environment.”

Working with the Alberta Indigenous Opportunity Cop. 

Executive Team

Tom Jackson
Tom JacksonChief Executive Officer
Noah Nemhara
Noah NemharaChief Financial Officer

Board of Directors

Darryl Steinhauer
Darryl SteinhauerDirector
Sandy Jackson
Sandy JacksonDirector
Herb Jackson
Herb JacksonDirector
Garth Warner
Garth WarnerDirector
Brian Thorne
Brian ThorneDirector
Ted Bauer
Ted BauerDirector
Jeffrey R. Gossain
Jeffrey R. GossainDirector






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