RMS Land Clearing Ltd.

Corporate Profile

RMS Land Clearing Ltd. is a land clearing company that offers forestry and land clearing services to resources companies throughout Western Canada. With an emphasis on minimizing environmental impact by utilizing low ground pressure equipment and techniques, we prepare terrain so clients can access and use remote sites. We pride ourselves on running a reputable company that exceeds the highest standards in safety, environmental stewardship, and professionalism. 

Our Mission

RMS Land Clearing Ltd. and GFLBC strive for excellence in all that we do. We work with our client to achieve a common goal and ensure project success. We take pride in excellent customer service, safety and efficiency.

Excellence to us means that we are constantly striving to raise the bar. Our work is done with safety, productivity, and efficiency as our objectives. These objectives result in client satisfaction and repeat business with minimal environmental impact.

Our Core Values

The core values that guide our company’s day-to-day operations and our interactions with customers and each other are:

  • Safety: Our history of having no lost time injuries shows the commitment we have in our safety program and the training of our employees who need to uphold stringent
  • Productivity and efficiency: We ensure we understand your needs and respond quickly to deliver timely and relevant services and solutions. Consistently striving for this has resulted in an outstanding record of productivity for our customers, maximizing efficiency along the way. We recognize that the strength of teamwork and creative problem-solving are fundamental to maintaining our reputation in the industry.
  • Environmental Awareness: Our equipment and processes we use have been chosen to minimize the environmental footprint that RMS Land Clearing leaves. We recognize the fact that it is our responsibility to ensure that we take the into account, no matter how big or small the project is. 


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RMS Land Clearing Ltd.

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