What Makes GoodFish Lake Industrial Laundry Services Different?

Their unique ozone-generating system.

How Ozone Works:


  • Ensures all laundered items are 99.9% bacteria free.
  • A superb antimicrobial agent that when used properly can even eliminate superbugs.
  • Removes tough laundry stains.
  • Whitens similar to hydrogen peroxide.
  • Extends fabric life by 4 to 5 years.

Ozone and the Environment:

  • Ozone economically saves energy washing at lower temperatures decreasing dryer times.
  • Ozone discharged wastewater, benefits receiving streams, lakes, and rivers by providing oxygen for the natural microorganisms to do a better job of breaking down discharged pollutants into carbon dioxide and water.



Uniform and Linen ISO 14001-2004 Registered

“I always receive exceptional customer service. The linens return without any stains and to my surprise the whites and colours are brighter than when I first purchased them.”

~ Paul Doucette, Owner
Sawmill Restaurant, Edmonton, AB