Iskotêw Fire & Safety

Committed to Worker Safety

Focused on Business and Community Prosperity

  • Iskotew was formed in 2019 as a partnership between Good Fish Business Corp and Safety Boss Inc

  • Together we offer safety and medical services to Western Canadian markets.

  • It is our goal to contribute to indigenous community development while serving local industry.

Medical Services

Our extensive array of standby and emergency response medical services guarantees coverage and support throughout Western Canada. With a modern fleet of medical treatment centers and a diverse team of skilled healthcare professionals, we possess the ideal resources to meet your requirements.

Safety Services

Our Safety Supervisors, air trailers, and air monitoring services form an integrated approach to ensuring a secure and safe work environment for your jobsite.


The Safety Supervisors come with a high pressure breathing air trailer and air monitoring/detection equipment to provide continuous protection over your jobsite. This integrated approach not only safeguards the physical health of workers but also contributes to the overall efficiency and resilience of operations in industries where exposure to hazardous substances is a concern.

Industrial Safety Services

Our expertise lies in providing safety services tailored to your turnaround, shutdown, maintenance and construction projects. Collaborating closely with you, we aim to keep your project on budget and identify potential cost-saving opportunities.


Our comprehensive lineup of Safety Professionals are ready to assist you from pre-project planning through to the project completion. Our top-notch team, recognized in the industry, is prepared to deliver the prevention, detection, and response capabilities you need for a successful and secure project.


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Goodfish Lake, AB T0A 1R0

Phone: 780 636 2863

Fax: 780 636 2299

Colby Ruff, Director of Business


Unit 14, 4420 75th Ave, SE

Calgary, AB T2C 2H8

Phone (24 hours): 800 882 4967

Tyler Farmer, Sales Manager