Aboriginal Owned Proudly Canadian

Garment Manufacturing

“Goodfish Lake garments are made in Alberta, by Albertans, for Albertans.”


woman-sewingAboriginal Employees

Goodfish Lake has employed members of White Fish Lake First Nation 128 for over 37 years. The average length of employment is 11 years. All of the employees take pride in delivering exceptional and safe garments. The employee commitment is twofold: To the valued Customer; and To their loved ones. THE

The Valued Customer

Customer Relationship
Goodfish Lake continues to earn customer loyalty: Goodfish Lake has proudly served both Syncrude and Suncor for over 35 years with top of the line, comfortable, durable, fire-protected, eco-friendly industrial garments.

Customer Involvement
Goodfish Lake employees take time and care to ensure customers will receive the garment requirements they ordered through involving the customer in the garment manufacturing process by providing customized samples and patterns.

Industrial Garments Built to Last
Goodfish Lake industrial garments are manufactured using global suppliers – TenCate, Mount Vernon Fabrics, 3M (Davey Textile Solutions Inc.) and YKK.

Loved Ones

Our skilled workers are personally invested in making sure they build outstanding industrial garments that will protect their loved ones while they are working in the high risk oil and gas industry.

“Goodfish Lake protective clothing-the choice when lives are on the line”


men-coverallsOur safety standards satisfy electricians, utility, oil refinery, petro chemical and construction workers working in high risk environments.

Flash-Fire Protection

Flash fires have a heat flux of approximately 84kW/m2 and typically last less than three seconds. Wearing flame resistant clothing that self-extinguishes can give workers must-needed time to escape a flash fire and dramatically reduce burn injuries.

Electric Arc Flash

According to NFPA 70E it is “A dangerous condition associated with the release of energy caused by an electric arc.”

High Visibility Safety Protection Clothing

Goodfish Lake also manufacturers high-visibility clothing which clearly and safely distinguishes workers from the environment. The background material, the combined-performance material and colours can be either fluorescent yellow-green or fluorescent orange-red.

What Customers Are Saying:

“Goodfish Lake has been serving Suncor for over 35 years.” ~ Suncor

“We at Syncrude are proud of our long-lasting working relationship and the services Goodfish Lake provides.” ~ Syncrude

Uniform and Linen ISO 14001-2004 Registered